Sunday, May 3, 2009

Viral Conspiracies

Yeah, so there is a massive fear-mongering going on in the news about this swine/human/avian flu mutant that's been killing folks in Mexico City. And now it's here! Horror! Gasp! Scare the masses and sell more stuff!

Great time to have a cold, eh? I've been checking and checking my temperature, but it's never gone above 99.5. My kids' doctor said if they got sick to avoid the emergency room at all costs because it's crawling with people who fell for what the panic-pushers are peddling. She said come direct to her.

So Cody and I are home, snotty and cranky, watching TV and waiting for the cold and the unseasonably late rain to pass.

Problem is, I don't feel like working on any jewelry while I'm under the weather. Isn't that a dumb phrase? Isn't everyone technically under some weather, somewhere? Considering weather usually happens in the sky and all that.

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