Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just finished coiling a basket weave bezel of argentium wire for this 132 ct low-grade sapphire I picked up from Ebay India. Thank you again, Kikan-Gems, for a great price on a fun stone!

This was my first time coiling a bezel like this and the stone was a little loose, so I made the outer row on front and back into this wave pattern, but I was a little rough so it made the coiling uneven. When my fingernails recover a little I'm going to try to even them up some. Still looks lovely, even with the wonky coils.

However, for two days I've been wracking my brain and can't come up with a design for the necklace this will grace. Denim lapis beads with silver bead caps? A/B finish clear glass round beads? Swarovski crystals? Crystazzi glass pearls? Freshwater pearls? Iridescent Czech glass flowers?

Maybe I'll bag it and work on the Flying Spaghetti Monster pendant I want to make with silver wire and Nepalese coral. The only problem with that is that I might "forget" about it and never match it to a necklace so I can wear it. Other projects always cut in line if you put a current one out of sight ...

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