Saturday, May 16, 2009

Balle Balle Ouch

I took my first bhangra dance class today. Hahahaha. Am I getting old, and am I out of shape. I was really flagging there for a while, when the teacher and some of the other students said to just do the feet, and worry about the arms later.

Why did I pick a folk dance that involves lots of hopping on one leg? My bad knee was really not very happy about this.

I sweated like a pig. I haven't exercised that much in years.

But during the stretching and warm down afterwards, my neck gave several satisfying pops and I actually had an appetite this afternoon and despite the fact I know I'll be sore tomorrow I feel pretty good.

I'll have to see if Michelle can watch the kids on my Saturday mornings for two hours so I can go four times a month instead of two.

Boy, did I suck. LMAO

But it was fun.

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