Sunday, April 12, 2009


The antibiotics worked. Now I'm just really really tired from that horrid flu. The kids are here until 1 then they're at their dad's until 7 when Cody comes home. Back to school tomorrow. Huzzah!

Cody's covered in chocolate, and Cheyenne is pretty wrapped on peanut butter eggs. Oh, well, I can let them eat crap two days out of the year (let's not forget Halloween!).

I've been working on that weave some more. I wrapped a beautiful Orthoceras fossil I've had for years in argentium, and a piece of peacock ore in colored craft wire. While the kids are at their dad's I'm going to finish a pair of coiled earrings I'm working on (argentium, sterling and amethyst colored glass briolettes) and/or work on the tutorial I owe Jewelry Lessons and/or the ring I want to try to make out of the little Australian opal I picked up while on the Gold Coast. Or maybe just sleep. There's also Hindi homework. I'm nearly halfway through learning the consonants and am transcribing basic words back and forth between Hindi and English.

Speaking of India, yesterday Cody and I dropped in at Bombay Music at University and San Pablo in Berkeley for some new bhangra. The guy behind the counter recommended several CDs, and they were a bargain! I ended up with 5 full discs for $30. Really good music. I was telling the guy that it's sad when you have no culture of your own, you have to go and borrow other people's. He said, "You're joining us, huh?" I told him yeah, guess so, and he started giggling.

Sadly I found out yesterday that we missed Dhol Di Awaz, which was in January. I've emailed the organizers and asked to be included on the mailing list for next year. As great as it is to watch bhangra on YouTube I think it would be much more fun in person.

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