Saturday, April 18, 2009

OMG Bead Show!!!

Michelle watched the kids for a couple of hours this afternoon so I could go to the Bead Society of Northern California's Bead Bazaar today. I took $340. You'd think that would be enough money, but no ....

By the time I'd found the guy with the druzies and lovely wrapable cabochons I was down to my last $50. Everything I liked at his table was $90. He had the most lovely green druzies, I wanted one so bad. I ended up with a $60 chrysocolla cab that I'll probably try to wrap tonight (if I can finish the netted crystal earrings I'm doing first).

I got a good quantity of large hole Indian silver beads as well as a good price on small spacers. I got bogged down in the cloisonne for a while and ended up with quite a few beautiful specimens, including two articulated fish that "swim" in air.

I also picked up some small glass flower and leaf beads, several strands of Czech glass at half price, and one lonely but gorgeous cobalt lampwork bead. I can't afford $20 beads. I saw these astounding Japanese glass beads made to resemble Faberge eggs, but at $110, fugeddaboudit.

I did get to see the work of Sarah Shriver up close and personal. Her stuff is even more astounding IRL than it is in polyclay books. At $220 for a bracelet, I reluctantly had to walk away.

I wish I'd brought an extra $90. I really would have loved one of those green druzies.

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