Saturday, April 18, 2009

OMG Bead Show!!!

Michelle watched the kids for a couple of hours this afternoon so I could go to the Bead Society of Northern California's Bead Bazaar today. I took $340. You'd think that would be enough money, but no ....

By the time I'd found the guy with the druzies and lovely wrapable cabochons I was down to my last $50. Everything I liked at his table was $90. He had the most lovely green druzies, I wanted one so bad. I ended up with a $60 chrysocolla cab that I'll probably try to wrap tonight (if I can finish the netted crystal earrings I'm doing first).

I got a good quantity of large hole Indian silver beads as well as a good price on small spacers. I got bogged down in the cloisonne for a while and ended up with quite a few beautiful specimens, including two articulated fish that "swim" in air.

I also picked up some small glass flower and leaf beads, several strands of Czech glass at half price, and one lonely but gorgeous cobalt lampwork bead. I can't afford $20 beads. I saw these astounding Japanese glass beads made to resemble Faberge eggs, but at $110, fugeddaboudit.

I did get to see the work of Sarah Shriver up close and personal. Her stuff is even more astounding IRL than it is in polyclay books. At $220 for a bracelet, I reluctantly had to walk away.

I wish I'd brought an extra $90. I really would have loved one of those green druzies.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Just Happened Here?

I'm not sure ...

I was getting my son some Chicken McNuggets at the McD's by his school and the Indian guy was on the register. Nobody was behind me so we chatted for a few minutes. As usual, I was rocking out to some bhangra, Sukshinder Shinda's latest.

He said something about having some music for me, wedding music. I didn't catch all that because the stereo was up too loud. So I turned it down and he was asking if I was thinking of getting married soon, or did I have any friends ... ? I didn't get it right then because it's so far from my reality at the moment, just having finalized my divorce from the kids' dad, but halfway to the grocery store it occurred to me that he was asking if I was looking for a husband, and I think it was a veiled hint that somebody needs a green card.

I'm really not sure. Cultural differences make things like this puzzling at any speed, but marriage is so far off my radar that I just didn't click on what he was asking.

It couldn't have been me ... I must be 15 years older than he is. Not to mention being unable to have any more kids, having HIV, and being an American that doesn't really cook very well. LOL

Next time I see him I'm going to ask him if he's looking for a wife and see what he says. Now I'm curious. Not curious enough to go along with anything like this, but curious. Maybe he has a younger brother and is hoping to fix him up with some American girl. Who knows?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The antibiotics worked. Now I'm just really really tired from that horrid flu. The kids are here until 1 then they're at their dad's until 7 when Cody comes home. Back to school tomorrow. Huzzah!

Cody's covered in chocolate, and Cheyenne is pretty wrapped on peanut butter eggs. Oh, well, I can let them eat crap two days out of the year (let's not forget Halloween!).

I've been working on that weave some more. I wrapped a beautiful Orthoceras fossil I've had for years in argentium, and a piece of peacock ore in colored craft wire. While the kids are at their dad's I'm going to finish a pair of coiled earrings I'm working on (argentium, sterling and amethyst colored glass briolettes) and/or work on the tutorial I owe Jewelry Lessons and/or the ring I want to try to make out of the little Australian opal I picked up while on the Gold Coast. Or maybe just sleep. There's also Hindi homework. I'm nearly halfway through learning the consonants and am transcribing basic words back and forth between Hindi and English.

Speaking of India, yesterday Cody and I dropped in at Bombay Music at University and San Pablo in Berkeley for some new bhangra. The guy behind the counter recommended several CDs, and they were a bargain! I ended up with 5 full discs for $30. Really good music. I was telling the guy that it's sad when you have no culture of your own, you have to go and borrow other people's. He said, "You're joining us, huh?" I told him yeah, guess so, and he started giggling.

Sadly I found out yesterday that we missed Dhol Di Awaz, which was in January. I've emailed the organizers and asked to be included on the mailing list for next year. As great as it is to watch bhangra on YouTube I think it would be much more fun in person.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lung Transplant, Anyone?

This flu is getting ridiculous. I'm mostly better, but it keeps lingering and lingering ... At 9:00 I'm calling the pharmacy because I think I have a refill of Zithromax on file down there. With the kids off school for spring break, I don't want to go to the doc. That would be two rings of a three ring circus too many.

Masada was picked up by Shareef of Adopt a Special Kid yesterday. I hope it brings them lots of funding and finds a great home with someone who will be a repeat customer.

I worked on the woven bezel that Lisa Barth has created a tutorial for yesterday. It was a great tute, though my hands are tired and crampy from the flu and it was all I could do to finish it. I did it in colored wire instead of precious metal because I wanted to practice without wasting several dollars worth of silver wire. It turned out pretty good, I learned a lot about what not to do, and I definitely want to try it again, perhaps at art class today.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OMG Project!!!

I found a great link on Jewelry Lessons that led to a blog that described how to make a really cheap light box for photographing my jewelry. I've been struggling with getting good pictures and having mixed success. This ought to be a fun thing to work on this evening after my son goes to bed. I'm fairly certain I have everything I need with the exception of black posterboard, but that can be rectified easily on my afternoon excursion to Berkeley.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am STILL sick. It took Cody 9 days to clear his virus, and I'm about a week in. If I'm not considerably better by Monday I'll have to call the doc for antibiotics.

I finally finished Masada! It was difficult to work on with my neck and head throbbing the way they have been, but it's done. I'll be donating it to Adopt a Special Kid for their charity jewelry auction they are holding May 8.

And now, back to my sick bed. Er, couch.