Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Siege of Masada

I'm working on a piece that is putting up a helluva struggle. I have some "stuff" going on in my physical life and when that happens, my creativity gets clogged up. I've just put my head down and doggedly kept pushing, even if I only get one or two small elements done a day.

I've made a few mistakes here & there, but that's par for the course, considering I'm adapting two or three tutorials and twisting them to suit my purposes. Even with the glaring errors of mis-placed Swarovskis the central piece is finished. I think.

My investment in Traditional Jewelry of India is already paying off; the links connecting the neckpiece to the (currently un-added) chain and clasp are adapted from a necklace I saw from Himachal Pradesh. I want to make another set with a slightly different method to see if it works better, then I might have a tutorial for Jewelry Lessons.

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