Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gah. Kaput.

I'm so stressed out right now due to being back in the ring of custody court that I can't concentrate to work on jewelry.

I've tried. All I've done is mangle 16g silver wire.

Better I take a break and start up again when I can breathe and no longer feel nauseous.

Bear with me; this won't take long. Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of These Days, Alice ...

That sapphire is putting up an epic struggle. I keep fiddling with the necklace and coming up against little teeny things that need tweaking that then throw off the next thing down the line.

The way i've attached the sapphire to the necklace would be interesting if it was working ... I have some sort of inadvertent chainmaille thing going on, and since I really never have done any before, I have the feeling that I'm missing something but I haven't a clue what.

Oh well, I'm going back in to the struggle and see if I can't beat it into submission in the next couple of hours. I can at least make the clasp, and have one more step finished, even if it acts too fiddly to set.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry, Folks

Due to certain activities by nosy people that just won't leave me alone, this journal will now be only about jewelry made, as it links to my account at


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glutton Von Punishment

Today was my second bhangra class.

I made my arms go this week! So now I can do all the steps, but do them well? I think not. I felt like I was back in 6th grade gym class, clumsy and barely able to keep up.

There was also some serious hop/sliding today that torqued my knee.

But again, I'm starving, and I didn't sweat so much or suffer quite so badly.

I think I'm getting the hang of it. Michelle will watch the kids on my Saturday mornings with them, so when I can afford it I'm going every Saturday.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even get kind of good at it.

Don't laugh; stranger things have happened.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just finished coiling a basket weave bezel of argentium wire for this 132 ct low-grade sapphire I picked up from Ebay India. Thank you again, Kikan-Gems, for a great price on a fun stone!

This was my first time coiling a bezel like this and the stone was a little loose, so I made the outer row on front and back into this wave pattern, but I was a little rough so it made the coiling uneven. When my fingernails recover a little I'm going to try to even them up some. Still looks lovely, even with the wonky coils.

However, for two days I've been wracking my brain and can't come up with a design for the necklace this will grace. Denim lapis beads with silver bead caps? A/B finish clear glass round beads? Swarovski crystals? Crystazzi glass pearls? Freshwater pearls? Iridescent Czech glass flowers?

Maybe I'll bag it and work on the Flying Spaghetti Monster pendant I want to make with silver wire and Nepalese coral. The only problem with that is that I might "forget" about it and never match it to a necklace so I can wear it. Other projects always cut in line if you put a current one out of sight ...

The Terror of Toddlerhood

Being a toddler must be about the most frustrating experience a person can have. My theory is that is why we don't remember those years. That time of our life is so frustrating that to bear the burden of remembering it would be impossible, and still be a functional human being.

My son turned three recently. His language has come in so well. He tells little stories and has actual conversations with me. More importantly he has conversations with OTHER PEOPLE and they actually understand him! His vernacular is just so darned cute, too. He'll finish making a mess or an art project (there is a difference, but you can only recognize it if you're a parent) and declare with great satisfaction, "There! Perfect!"

What I don't get about him (and his sister, who is older by three years) is how learning English from my urban California accent and their father's mutt conglomeration of Australian and British accents came out as a Brooklyn accent. Both my kids say "boids" for "birds" as one of many amusing examples. It really is a mystery, but both kids have done it. I wonder if anyone else's inter-lingual kids have an accent that comes from some outfield somewhere.

But I digress. My son was in his room today, screaming his head off. He was so frustrated, and angry, and just couldn't take it anymore so he just laid his lanky little body down on the floor and yelled. I managed to get in without pinching any of his anatomy under the door and took a few moments to ascertain what his major malfunction was.

Turns out he had taken a sticker off its paper and it wouldn't stick back on. We've had this issue before in the week, so it's not like this is a new concept for him: sticker paper is one use only. If you take the sticker off it, it becomes trash.

I finally convinced him that we could stick his sticker to another, colored piece of paper. The tears stopped instantly, and he gladly threw away that mean old sticker paper.

Except for the screaming Rumpelstiltskin episodes he has occasionally, this age is a joy to experience from an adult perspective. His brain makes explosive leaps regularly. Last week his brain got big enough to encompass the wonders of Pokemon. His sister has loved Pokemon since she was about his age, too. We have a large collection of little plastic ones. I was looking for motivational rewards and found a set of 60 on Ebay for $3 plus shipping. The kids love them. My son has played with the toys for a while now, but last week he "got" it. Now he won't go anywhere without his Pokemon (not even the bath), he wears his red baseball cap (like Ash Ketchum's) even to bed, and at irregular intervals, Pokeballs are hurled at me or the cats with a cry of "Bulbasowah I choose you!" It's all Pokemon, all the time. Lucky for me my eldest is a tomboy like her mom, so the toys can recycle down to her brother.

Namastey London

I needed distraction last night so I stayed up too late watching Namastey London. It wasn't a great Bollywood film, but it was about my favorite Indians, Punjabis, so it wasn't too bad.

I had read on a Punjabi forum a few weeks ago how some people were angry with Bollywood because of the portrayal of Sardars as joke-characters: bumpkins, stupid, etc. They did that a bit in this film. Two or three bit players were portrayed as unintelligent donkeys. The worst of the "donkeys" all had turbans or patka. I can see why some Sikhs are upset by this portrayal of Sardars.

The Punjabis that were clean-shaven and not wearing turbans were more intelligent and stylish in the film, as well.

If I hadn't read that post, I might never have noticed this in the film. My awareness of this issue made those parts of the film mildly embarassing. I'll have to look into this particular bit of Eastern PC awareness some more.

I wonder why (if this is being done deliberately, and not by some insensitive quest for comic relief) Bollywood has this opinion of turbaned Sikhs? Is this a cultural trend linked with the horrors that happened after the assassination of Indira Gandhi or what?

Funny; when people here in the West overreact to a character in a movie and cry that it's un-PC (Jar Jar Binks, anyone?) I just laugh and say get over it, I don't see how that is supposed to be an insult to Asians (or blacks, or whites, or whoever). But in this case, perhaps because it's a different culture and I haven't got the "familiarity breeds contempt" thing going on, I understand why people might be a bit put out by that portrayal of their culture. I personally think JarJar Binks or Pokemon Jynx were not purposefully making fun of a particular people, but I wonder about Bollywood's portrayal of Sardars. The cop character in Aaja Nachle wasn't represented that way, and most of the other films I've seen that had Sikh characters were historical reenactments and weren't trying for comedy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

For crying out loud, Amy, you aren't with my ex anymore, so why are you stalking me online still? I have your work IP logged on the blog. Don't you have anything better to do?

Unless you're planning on helping me by calling Dr. C and telling her that everything you told her about me was a lie and that our ex in common is a jerk, then just get lost, OK?

Don't make me tell your work you're using their servers to stalk me again. That probably wouldn't look so good for you about now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The First Sea Sediment Jasper Jewelry

From the second pendant set I got, which turned out to be dyed, BTW. It had fuchsia spots on it, so I emailed the seller who admitted the color was treated. It remains to be seen whether the other sets I have are dyed; they're from different sellers. I've seen beads at Fire Mountain Gems that are NOT dyed, so I think that some of this stone, at least, is legitimate, just not the pair in these earrings.

22g argentium silver wire
28g copper wire
6mm argentium silver beads
hand-forged argentium ear wires

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Balle Balle Ouch

I took my first bhangra dance class today. Hahahaha. Am I getting old, and am I out of shape. I was really flagging there for a while, when the teacher and some of the other students said to just do the feet, and worry about the arms later.

Why did I pick a folk dance that involves lots of hopping on one leg? My bad knee was really not very happy about this.

I sweated like a pig. I haven't exercised that much in years.

But during the stretching and warm down afterwards, my neck gave several satisfying pops and I actually had an appetite this afternoon and despite the fact I know I'll be sore tomorrow I feel pretty good.

I'll have to see if Michelle can watch the kids on my Saturday mornings for two hours so I can go four times a month instead of two.

Boy, did I suck. LMAO

But it was fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jasper. How I Love Thee ...

Who needs diamonds when you can get Sea Sediment (Aqua Terra/Snakeskin) Jasper? This reminds me of the traditional Japanese wave/ocean tattoo. This is just the most amazing stone! Whatever shall I do with it?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Tutorial ...

It took some doing, but I finally finished and submitted my first tutorial to Jewelry, an adaptation of a link found in Indian jewelry. It's a free tute, but now I know what I'm doing and Eni didn't ask me to make any changes, so I guess I understand the template and what's needed well enough.

Fish Link Tutorial

I wonder what I'll do for my next tute? Hmm ... Ghost tiger beads? The Medusa Pendant? We shall see. First I have to get through court next week so I can breathe again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Mommy, Where Are the Fleas?"

The kids and I had a lovely day out yesterday, did all sorts of things. One of the things we did was stop by the Ashby Flea Market at Ashby and Martin Luther King Jr. in Berkeley. I haven't been there in close to 20 years, I think. I went in search of the fossil guy I bought my Orthoceras from. I don't know what fit of optimism made me think he'd be there after all this time.

He wasn't. Not surprisingly.

So we wandered around and looked at stuff. It's the same stuff as before, with different vendors. A fruit stand. A couple sunglasses stands. A sock stand, two tie-dye stands, a bunch of African art/jewelry stands, junque-o-plenty. Notable absences: Professor Curtis from Cult Videos (he who first revealed the awesomeness of Dolomite to me and friends lo these many years ago), the nuns who made futons, the pine furniture guy. There was a drum circle, I think it should probably be considered the same one, with an ever-changing group of drummers. It sounded the same as it always has.

We even found parking on the first pass, convenient and close by. That alone would qualify as miraculous if I were the superstitious sort.

I found an Asian guy that was selling Tibetan or Nepalese gemstone and silver beads at fairly reasonable prices. They were definitely competitive with my online sources and I didn't have to pay for shipping. Nice strands of pearls. Dyed coral. "Turquoise" (dyed howlite - I spotted it and asked him and he admitted to it). Milky quartz (the kind that people also call moonstone, but isn't). Amethyst. Denim lapis.

So I picked up seven strands of beads for $28. And they were generous strands, too. Not the little 8 inch ones you get some places. I thought the alleged amethyst looked suspiciously like fluorite, but when I asked he looked insulted and said it wasn't. I asked on Jewelry and was gently reminded of the Moh Hardness Scale, which I'd learned about in 3rd grade and promptly filed away, never having had use for it until now. I tried scratching the new beads with a broken amethyst donut with sharp edges I have, and it did make some scratches with difficulty. So I thought it was fluorite until I Googled up the Moh Scale and learned that stones can scratch other stones of the same type. But, I also learned that amethyst has a hardness of 7, and fluorite is a 4, while a good steel knife is 5.5. So I tried to scratch the new beads with one of my good cooking knives and it didn't scratch. So it's amethyst, and I was informed this morning that it's probably Cape Amethyst. Which I think is a nice way of saying "amethyst with quartz in it." I don't mind either way. In some ways I like stones that have pattern and movement more than solid stones, because they're more interesting. I have some deep purple amethyst beads and a teardrop cabochon, and I'm thinking of ways to put all these purples together.

Something will come to me. It always does.

I bribed the kids with a new toy each at the cheap toy stand, and they were good as gold. Cody stopped at every place playing music and danced. Cheyenne helped me out so much, keeping an eye on Trouble on the Double (Cody) while I paid for the beads I bought.

When we were leaving in the car, I sighed happily and said, "I love the flea market."

Cheyenne asked me, "They sell fleas there?!?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hmmm ... I think that posting rants that will show up from here on Jewelry might not be a great idea! LMAO

Erectile Discombobulation

My spam filter is clogging up these days with more and more ads for Viagra and/or Cialis and/or some other "magic" little pill to make parts of old men young again.

Well, for one thing, I'm a WOMAN. I have NO USE for your stupid little pills. So GTFO.

Secondly, listen, guys: Most women do NOT want you panting over them for four or more hours. We certainly aren't interested in marathon sessions in our 40's and higher if we have responsibilities during the day and especially if we have small children.

There's something to be said for short, sweet and to the point.

Geezer dudes, if your whole self-worth is tied up in whether or not a piece of your body acts like it's 30+ years younger than it really is, then you need a hobby.

Might I suggest knitting?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rigel 7

This time I even impressed myself. It was worth the time spent stringing it in different combinations to hit on the right design.

How am I ever going to part with this? Well, if someone stops me on the street and offers me hundreds of dollars, I suppose I could be convinced to let it go in the name of buying more supplies ...

Monday, May 4, 2009

In Search of ... a Necklace

The pendant is done. 20 and 28g argentium silver wire, Indian silver bead, 102 ctw labradorite cabochon.

It needs an extra special necklace, but I'm not sure yet. I think it will involve some cloisonne and some Tibetan silver flowers (they look like lilies), but that's just the tentative idea at present. These things always seem to have plans of their own. I'll have to finger all my beads and stones tonight after House MD. There's some lovely deep blue aventurine (that I swear is PURPLE), amethyst, and other lovely gems I can use. I just don't know yet.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Transistorizing the Woven Bezel

Small lapis cabochon meets 24g and 28g wire. It was very difficult to do this, and if I hadn't used two different colors of wire I probably wouldn't have been able to complete it. Now it wants an entire necklace designed around it and I don't have a clue.

Viral Conspiracies

Yeah, so there is a massive fear-mongering going on in the news about this swine/human/avian flu mutant that's been killing folks in Mexico City. And now it's here! Horror! Gasp! Scare the masses and sell more stuff!

Great time to have a cold, eh? I've been checking and checking my temperature, but it's never gone above 99.5. My kids' doctor said if they got sick to avoid the emergency room at all costs because it's crawling with people who fell for what the panic-pushers are peddling. She said come direct to her.

So Cody and I are home, snotty and cranky, watching TV and waiting for the cold and the unseasonably late rain to pass.

Problem is, I don't feel like working on any jewelry while I'm under the weather. Isn't that a dumb phrase? Isn't everyone technically under some weather, somewhere? Considering weather usually happens in the sky and all that.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Labradorite O' Doom

I won a 102 ctw Labradorite on Ebay from someone in India. With shipping it was $20. A real bargain. I'm going to set this into something special ... I just am not sure what yet.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

OMG Bead Show!!!

Michelle watched the kids for a couple of hours this afternoon so I could go to the Bead Society of Northern California's Bead Bazaar today. I took $340. You'd think that would be enough money, but no ....

By the time I'd found the guy with the druzies and lovely wrapable cabochons I was down to my last $50. Everything I liked at his table was $90. He had the most lovely green druzies, I wanted one so bad. I ended up with a $60 chrysocolla cab that I'll probably try to wrap tonight (if I can finish the netted crystal earrings I'm doing first).

I got a good quantity of large hole Indian silver beads as well as a good price on small spacers. I got bogged down in the cloisonne for a while and ended up with quite a few beautiful specimens, including two articulated fish that "swim" in air.

I also picked up some small glass flower and leaf beads, several strands of Czech glass at half price, and one lonely but gorgeous cobalt lampwork bead. I can't afford $20 beads. I saw these astounding Japanese glass beads made to resemble Faberge eggs, but at $110, fugeddaboudit.

I did get to see the work of Sarah Shriver up close and personal. Her stuff is even more astounding IRL than it is in polyclay books. At $220 for a bracelet, I reluctantly had to walk away.

I wish I'd brought an extra $90. I really would have loved one of those green druzies.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Just Happened Here?

I'm not sure ...

I was getting my son some Chicken McNuggets at the McD's by his school and the Indian guy was on the register. Nobody was behind me so we chatted for a few minutes. As usual, I was rocking out to some bhangra, Sukshinder Shinda's latest.

He said something about having some music for me, wedding music. I didn't catch all that because the stereo was up too loud. So I turned it down and he was asking if I was thinking of getting married soon, or did I have any friends ... ? I didn't get it right then because it's so far from my reality at the moment, just having finalized my divorce from the kids' dad, but halfway to the grocery store it occurred to me that he was asking if I was looking for a husband, and I think it was a veiled hint that somebody needs a green card.

I'm really not sure. Cultural differences make things like this puzzling at any speed, but marriage is so far off my radar that I just didn't click on what he was asking.

It couldn't have been me ... I must be 15 years older than he is. Not to mention being unable to have any more kids, having HIV, and being an American that doesn't really cook very well. LOL

Next time I see him I'm going to ask him if he's looking for a wife and see what he says. Now I'm curious. Not curious enough to go along with anything like this, but curious. Maybe he has a younger brother and is hoping to fix him up with some American girl. Who knows?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The antibiotics worked. Now I'm just really really tired from that horrid flu. The kids are here until 1 then they're at their dad's until 7 when Cody comes home. Back to school tomorrow. Huzzah!

Cody's covered in chocolate, and Cheyenne is pretty wrapped on peanut butter eggs. Oh, well, I can let them eat crap two days out of the year (let's not forget Halloween!).

I've been working on that weave some more. I wrapped a beautiful Orthoceras fossil I've had for years in argentium, and a piece of peacock ore in colored craft wire. While the kids are at their dad's I'm going to finish a pair of coiled earrings I'm working on (argentium, sterling and amethyst colored glass briolettes) and/or work on the tutorial I owe Jewelry Lessons and/or the ring I want to try to make out of the little Australian opal I picked up while on the Gold Coast. Or maybe just sleep. There's also Hindi homework. I'm nearly halfway through learning the consonants and am transcribing basic words back and forth between Hindi and English.

Speaking of India, yesterday Cody and I dropped in at Bombay Music at University and San Pablo in Berkeley for some new bhangra. The guy behind the counter recommended several CDs, and they were a bargain! I ended up with 5 full discs for $30. Really good music. I was telling the guy that it's sad when you have no culture of your own, you have to go and borrow other people's. He said, "You're joining us, huh?" I told him yeah, guess so, and he started giggling.

Sadly I found out yesterday that we missed Dhol Di Awaz, which was in January. I've emailed the organizers and asked to be included on the mailing list for next year. As great as it is to watch bhangra on YouTube I think it would be much more fun in person.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lung Transplant, Anyone?

This flu is getting ridiculous. I'm mostly better, but it keeps lingering and lingering ... At 9:00 I'm calling the pharmacy because I think I have a refill of Zithromax on file down there. With the kids off school for spring break, I don't want to go to the doc. That would be two rings of a three ring circus too many.

Masada was picked up by Shareef of Adopt a Special Kid yesterday. I hope it brings them lots of funding and finds a great home with someone who will be a repeat customer.

I worked on the woven bezel that Lisa Barth has created a tutorial for yesterday. It was a great tute, though my hands are tired and crampy from the flu and it was all I could do to finish it. I did it in colored wire instead of precious metal because I wanted to practice without wasting several dollars worth of silver wire. It turned out pretty good, I learned a lot about what not to do, and I definitely want to try it again, perhaps at art class today.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OMG Project!!!

I found a great link on Jewelry Lessons that led to a blog that described how to make a really cheap light box for photographing my jewelry. I've been struggling with getting good pictures and having mixed success. This ought to be a fun thing to work on this evening after my son goes to bed. I'm fairly certain I have everything I need with the exception of black posterboard, but that can be rectified easily on my afternoon excursion to Berkeley.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am STILL sick. It took Cody 9 days to clear his virus, and I'm about a week in. If I'm not considerably better by Monday I'll have to call the doc for antibiotics.

I finally finished Masada! It was difficult to work on with my neck and head throbbing the way they have been, but it's done. I'll be donating it to Adopt a Special Kid for their charity jewelry auction they are holding May 8.

And now, back to my sick bed. Er, couch.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mein Hindi Siikh Rahii Huun

"I am learning to speak Hindi"

We are all sick with this horrible flu now. Nobody wants to eat much of anything, we're all coughing like mad, and I'm running a low-grade fever with sweats. Whee! At least for once the kids and I are all sick at the same time instead of my getting it after they've recovered. So it could be worse.

I let Cheyenne watch a Hindi movie the other day, her first. It was a family filmi called "Bhoothnath." Starring Amitabh Bachchan. It was a really cute movie, very funny, and I was pleased to see that I can make out some of the things that are being said now, even without the subtitles. The thing about Bollywood is, though, that the films are all relatively long and so about 10 p.m. when my voice gave out from translating, I sent her to bed.

I simply just don't have the strength to write more at the moment, so I'm going back to the couch and my heating pad.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Say It Isn't So?

Today was certainly a mixed bag.

Cody was only a little weepy at school today, so he's on the mend. Cheyenne came home and informed me that she vomited throughout the afternoon. She doesn't have a fever, so I don't know what is going on there.

Basically I have two kids with two different viruses and I think I'm catching Cheyenne's because I was just in the bathroom talking to Ralph on the big white phone.

To add insult to injury, my neck went into spasm and I have an Icy-Hot patch on it that isn't doing much good. I feel about 80 years old today, everything hurts. C'est la vie.

Both kids went to bed at 6. So Cheyenne must be sick if she didn't beg to stay up. Looks like I'll have company tomorrow; I don't think I can take her to school. I doubt she'll be over whatever it is by then.

On a more positive note, I had my bi-yearly dermatologist checkup today and it turns out that the "fungal infection" on my hand that has kept me from working with polyclay for the past two months is actually stress-induced eczema. Is there no end to how much a body can fall apart? LMAO

I'll be filling the prescription for cortisone cream next week and once my hand stops itching, I may get to do some clay. W00t!

My 16g argentium wire came today. Too bad my neck is so stiff and painful I can't work on Masada.

Funny thing, in keeping with my Punjabi hobby ... the Arco at Grand and Market, well, I call it Ghetto Gas. Because it really is. The pumps are cranky, apparently not a single person attended kindergarten and mastered the art of waiting their turn, and there are always people getting hostile for money so they can booze it up another day. Not to mention the DVD bootleggers. Thanks, but no.

I go there because the gas is cheap. Cheapest around, and it's near my house and on the way to various places I frequently go. I've been known to wear my vampire fang caps and smile at people that were bugging me. On the other hand, I'm also learning to deflect the inevitable racism by just calling the people calling me "White B..." or whatever "racist" to their face. Usually they STFU pretty quick. I mean, what defense can you give against the truth?

Well, anyway, Ghetto Gas has had their pumps cordoned off and there's no gas available. I wanted ginger ale after I dropped my boy at school today so I stopped in. Got some chocolate and ginger ale, and the young clerk and I were chatting about why they weren't selling gas (upgrading the pumps). Can someone please tell me what it is about young Indian men that makes them so dishy? He was really beautiful, nice smile. Business was slow, so I asked him if he was from India.

He said yes. His dad, or uncle, some elder in a turban was nearby, so I asked if he was Punjabi. His eyes lit up. I guess not many Americans can guess their nationality, just assume turban = terrorist.

So we talked some about bhangra, and the Punjabi language and how it compares to Hindi. He seemed really suprised that I knew the name of the holy book of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib. Though I mistakenly said Singh. O gorgeous youth, the internet is an endless fount of knowledge for my ever-curious mind.

Too bad I'm old enough to be his mother.

Hack, Gasp, Wheez

Isn't it grand? Now I have what Cody has. My chest is full of junk. He was feeling a lot better yesterday morning. He woke up and told me, "I happy!" So I took him to school. When I got him back from his dad's he was crying and then about four hours after I put him to bed his fever came back and he had the sweats. I managed to force some cough medicine with tylenol down him and he slept better after that. But it looks like he gets to stay home today and probably until next week which means he gets to come to the dermatologist with me this morning. Oh, joy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's funny how things always fall in groups into my life. I'm on an India kick, Punjab in particular at the moment, and a movie about the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 happened to come to the top of my Netflix queue. I just got finished watching it.

It's called Amu.

I knew vaguely about the assassination of Indira Gandhi and that her Sikh bodyguards were blamed, but as this movie showed, there isn't a lot of information around on it, as the Indian government itself orchestrated the massacre of over 5,000 people over a three day period.

The movie was incredible. It was done as a mystery, and as it unfolded, I ended up in tears. I don't want to give any spoilers, but as a mother, the events that happened to one family made me go in and check on my kids.

I'll be doing a little bit of internet research to see what's out there about the subject now. But not tonight. I don't think I can take any more of this particularly brutal episode of history at the moment, especially in light of my newborn infatuation with Punjab and the Sikh culture. It's nearly bedtime and my subconscious rarely needs much convincing to bring on the zombie dreams.

There is a really good interview with the director of the film, Shonali Bose here.

I gave it 5 stars on Netflix, and I'm really picky. It's just that good a film.

Poor Little Guy. Poor Mom.

Cody's still not feeling well. His fever spiked Sunday, but he's still really whiny and won't eat, not even donuts or cheetos, and his sister said he refused ice cream at his dad's yesterday. You know that boy is sick if he won't eat his favorite treats. Poor kid.

Which means unless the tylenol makes him feel better so he wakes up before too long, we're going to miss art class today, which sucks. Especially considering it's right here in my building. And I can't work with the little guy calling me every 93.6 seconds.

Masada will have to wait.

Anyway, I've got this huge love affair going on with India right now. I started reading Indian literature a few years back and have been watching more and more Indian film. Now that I've discovered A.R. Rahman and bhangra I'm listening to Tamil and Punjabi music. I've decided it's time to try to learn some Hindi.

I tried to learn Esperanto through a mail course about 20 years ago and that was a PITA. I love that I can get Hindi lessons via podcast. I have a little kid's primer coming so I can learn to write the alphabet. I'm up to kha -- the second letter of the alphabet. LOL Cheyenne is very interested as well, so I printed out two copies of the worksheet for letter ka and we spent a few minutes this morning doing self-imposed "homework."

Aap se mil ke achcha laga

I am so happy to meet you.

One good thing about living in the Bay Area is that there are tons of people from India and I'm sure if I was to go to Berkeley I'd be able to find someone to laugh politely at my accent.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Masada is still struggling. I only managed to make ten dangles and add them to their spots on the join pieces. I realized I can't really finish properly until my 16g argentium wire gets here, so I can make a sturdy clasp. This neckpiece is a bit heavier than anything I've done before.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Siege of Masada

I'm working on a piece that is putting up a helluva struggle. I have some "stuff" going on in my physical life and when that happens, my creativity gets clogged up. I've just put my head down and doggedly kept pushing, even if I only get one or two small elements done a day.

I've made a few mistakes here & there, but that's par for the course, considering I'm adapting two or three tutorials and twisting them to suit my purposes. Even with the glaring errors of mis-placed Swarovskis the central piece is finished. I think.

My investment in Traditional Jewelry of India is already paying off; the links connecting the neckpiece to the (currently un-added) chain and clasp are adapted from a necklace I saw from Himachal Pradesh. I want to make another set with a slightly different method to see if it works better, then I might have a tutorial for Jewelry Lessons.

Wibble Wibble Wibble

Everybody's blogging. So I guess I have to, as well. I decided to try something other than LiveJournal this time.

So ... welcome to the Junction.

There will be pictures of my jewelry, discussions of daily life occurrences, musings on the state of the universe -- who knows what-all will be here. I certainly don't.

All I know is, I have a brunch to go to today, and my poor little son has a fever. There will be no brunch but lots and lots of wibbling today.