Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gah. Kaput.

I'm so stressed out right now due to being back in the ring of custody court that I can't concentrate to work on jewelry.

I've tried. All I've done is mangle 16g silver wire.

Better I take a break and start up again when I can breathe and no longer feel nauseous.

Bear with me; this won't take long. Thanks for your patience.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of These Days, Alice ...

That sapphire is putting up an epic struggle. I keep fiddling with the necklace and coming up against little teeny things that need tweaking that then throw off the next thing down the line.

The way i've attached the sapphire to the necklace would be interesting if it was working ... I have some sort of inadvertent chainmaille thing going on, and since I really never have done any before, I have the feeling that I'm missing something but I haven't a clue what.

Oh well, I'm going back in to the struggle and see if I can't beat it into submission in the next couple of hours. I can at least make the clasp, and have one more step finished, even if it acts too fiddly to set.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry, Folks

Due to certain activities by nosy people that just won't leave me alone, this journal will now be only about jewelry made, as it links to my account at


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glutton Von Punishment

Today was my second bhangra class.

I made my arms go this week! So now I can do all the steps, but do them well? I think not. I felt like I was back in 6th grade gym class, clumsy and barely able to keep up.

There was also some serious hop/sliding today that torqued my knee.

But again, I'm starving, and I didn't sweat so much or suffer quite so badly.

I think I'm getting the hang of it. Michelle will watch the kids on my Saturday mornings with them, so when I can afford it I'm going every Saturday.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even get kind of good at it.

Don't laugh; stranger things have happened.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just finished coiling a basket weave bezel of argentium wire for this 132 ct low-grade sapphire I picked up from Ebay India. Thank you again, Kikan-Gems, for a great price on a fun stone!

This was my first time coiling a bezel like this and the stone was a little loose, so I made the outer row on front and back into this wave pattern, but I was a little rough so it made the coiling uneven. When my fingernails recover a little I'm going to try to even them up some. Still looks lovely, even with the wonky coils.

However, for two days I've been wracking my brain and can't come up with a design for the necklace this will grace. Denim lapis beads with silver bead caps? A/B finish clear glass round beads? Swarovski crystals? Crystazzi glass pearls? Freshwater pearls? Iridescent Czech glass flowers?

Maybe I'll bag it and work on the Flying Spaghetti Monster pendant I want to make with silver wire and Nepalese coral. The only problem with that is that I might "forget" about it and never match it to a necklace so I can wear it. Other projects always cut in line if you put a current one out of sight ...

The Terror of Toddlerhood

Being a toddler must be about the most frustrating experience a person can have. My theory is that is why we don't remember those years. That time of our life is so frustrating that to bear the burden of remembering it would be impossible, and still be a functional human being.

My son turned three recently. His language has come in so well. He tells little stories and has actual conversations with me. More importantly he has conversations with OTHER PEOPLE and they actually understand him! His vernacular is just so darned cute, too. He'll finish making a mess or an art project (there is a difference, but you can only recognize it if you're a parent) and declare with great satisfaction, "There! Perfect!"

What I don't get about him (and his sister, who is older by three years) is how learning English from my urban California accent and their father's mutt conglomeration of Australian and British accents came out as a Brooklyn accent. Both my kids say "boids" for "birds" as one of many amusing examples. It really is a mystery, but both kids have done it. I wonder if anyone else's inter-lingual kids have an accent that comes from some outfield somewhere.

But I digress. My son was in his room today, screaming his head off. He was so frustrated, and angry, and just couldn't take it anymore so he just laid his lanky little body down on the floor and yelled. I managed to get in without pinching any of his anatomy under the door and took a few moments to ascertain what his major malfunction was.

Turns out he had taken a sticker off its paper and it wouldn't stick back on. We've had this issue before in the week, so it's not like this is a new concept for him: sticker paper is one use only. If you take the sticker off it, it becomes trash.

I finally convinced him that we could stick his sticker to another, colored piece of paper. The tears stopped instantly, and he gladly threw away that mean old sticker paper.

Except for the screaming Rumpelstiltskin episodes he has occasionally, this age is a joy to experience from an adult perspective. His brain makes explosive leaps regularly. Last week his brain got big enough to encompass the wonders of Pokemon. His sister has loved Pokemon since she was about his age, too. We have a large collection of little plastic ones. I was looking for motivational rewards and found a set of 60 on Ebay for $3 plus shipping. The kids love them. My son has played with the toys for a while now, but last week he "got" it. Now he won't go anywhere without his Pokemon (not even the bath), he wears his red baseball cap (like Ash Ketchum's) even to bed, and at irregular intervals, Pokeballs are hurled at me or the cats with a cry of "Bulbasowah I choose you!" It's all Pokemon, all the time. Lucky for me my eldest is a tomboy like her mom, so the toys can recycle down to her brother.

Namastey London

I needed distraction last night so I stayed up too late watching Namastey London. It wasn't a great Bollywood film, but it was about my favorite Indians, Punjabis, so it wasn't too bad.

I had read on a Punjabi forum a few weeks ago how some people were angry with Bollywood because of the portrayal of Sardars as joke-characters: bumpkins, stupid, etc. They did that a bit in this film. Two or three bit players were portrayed as unintelligent donkeys. The worst of the "donkeys" all had turbans or patka. I can see why some Sikhs are upset by this portrayal of Sardars.

The Punjabis that were clean-shaven and not wearing turbans were more intelligent and stylish in the film, as well.

If I hadn't read that post, I might never have noticed this in the film. My awareness of this issue made those parts of the film mildly embarassing. I'll have to look into this particular bit of Eastern PC awareness some more.

I wonder why (if this is being done deliberately, and not by some insensitive quest for comic relief) Bollywood has this opinion of turbaned Sikhs? Is this a cultural trend linked with the horrors that happened after the assassination of Indira Gandhi or what?

Funny; when people here in the West overreact to a character in a movie and cry that it's un-PC (Jar Jar Binks, anyone?) I just laugh and say get over it, I don't see how that is supposed to be an insult to Asians (or blacks, or whites, or whoever). But in this case, perhaps because it's a different culture and I haven't got the "familiarity breeds contempt" thing going on, I understand why people might be a bit put out by that portrayal of their culture. I personally think JarJar Binks or Pokemon Jynx were not purposefully making fun of a particular people, but I wonder about Bollywood's portrayal of Sardars. The cop character in Aaja Nachle wasn't represented that way, and most of the other films I've seen that had Sikh characters were historical reenactments and weren't trying for comedy.